My Background

I'm originally from Osaka, Japan. My maternal grandmother was a healer in a Japanese village before WWII.  When I was a child in Japan, I noticed my mother could read people's minds, so I thought I would be just like her when I became an adult. It turned out I couldn't read people's mind but I had a special gift/talent to connect with my client's body and felt what was going on or what had happened in the past. (injuries, concussion vertigo, etc.)


My Story

Born in Osaka, Japan, my mother was always ill and bed ridden when I was a child. She followed western medicine practices. Hospitals, doctors and blood tests, nothing seemed to work.  I wanted to help my mother so I started to read and study about Eastern Medicine. I tried different treatments on her to see if anything that I had learned worked. That was an introduction to Eastern Medicine treatment and its effects that have on people. 

I was fascinated by its holistic approach into looking at the whole body, not just symptons.

I was also intrigued by the fact that practitioners listen to patients' feelings and treat them accordingly. 

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My Mission Statement

To share my knowledge of holistic




and to empower you to be in touch


with your natural healing power you hold


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